Hot foil stamping and embossing

Advertising workshop Unicorn offers foil stamping and embossing. These technologies give an exclusive and sophisticated look to such items as: business cards, invitations, certificates and other printed materials, as well as leather diaries, purses and wallets.
Hot foil stamping. The result is a glossy image with a metallic sheen. It can be transferred to materials such as leather and faux leather, paper and cardboard. The most common colours – silver and gold, but the foil can be of almost any colour.
Embossing or relief stamping. To achieve a convex effect, material is placed between double cliches (pads) and with the compression it adopts the desired shape. Most often, paper treated in this manner. Embossing can be merge with foil stamping.

To manufacture any kind of embossing a cliche pads must be ordered. Price for manufacturing cliché starts from 20 € + VAT and it can changed depending on the size and type.