Souvenirs, branded bags and merchandise


Apart from traditional souvenirs which include pens, mugs or T-shirts; we offer innovative solutions specifically for your company. We invent, produce and, if necessary, design an exclusive gift pack, which would offer a lot more positive emotions to your customers and partners.

Branded bags

From us you can order plastic branded bags with labels at very attractive prices! Possible materials: HDPE and LDPE. HDPE – a high density material (the width from 20 to 140 cm, a density of from 8 to 100 mic). LDPE – a thin material (the width from 16 to 140 cm, a density of from 20 to 200 mic).

With carved handles – best bags for retailers. Typically used in perfume, sport, book and other stores. If necessary, you can book a package with reinforced handle.
Circulation of 5000 pcs. *

With loop handle – perfect for trades like clothes, shoes and other goods.
Circulation of 5000 pcs. *

*- minimal order can vary depending on the size of the bag.
Production timescale – about 4 weeks (may vary depending on the order volume and production load).