Olainfarm & Silvanols

Olainfarm is one of the leading representatives of the pharmaceutical industry in the Baltic States. The company employs about 900 highly qualified specialists. Task – design of a modular exhibition stands for Olainfarm and Silvanols companies. We have also been tasked with the project coordination and implementation, as well as, design of print and promotional materials.

Date: Sep 2013

Client: Olainfarm & Silvanols

CPhI 2013, Frankfurt We were asked to design a joint exhibition stand, which two companies could share during CPhl Frankfurt event. The main complication lies in the fact that Olainfarm and Silvanols brand styles have nothing in common. One can say that Olainfarm’s strict and cold pharmaceutical style is in complete contrast to Silvanols’green and natural style. This contrast has formed the foundation for a design concept. Exhibition stand became a meeting point of science and nature, showing the whole range of possibilities – from the product formulation development to the distribution of the finished products. A leaf and a molecule, the corporate symbols of the two companies, formed the main visual imagery.
To make the stand open and airy, it was decided to abandon a fascia board and any other heavy overhanging panels, usually placed around the whole perimeter of the stand. The central element of the composition is a pylon decorated with glowing words communicating the activities of the two companies. In addition, a screen showcasing video presentations has been integrated into the pylon. Exhibition modular and pylon were manufactured from out sketches.
Natural & Organic Products Europe 2014, London It was only Silvanols participating in the Natural and Organic Products Europe Show, therefore, the exhibition stand has been designed in their corporate style. Particular emphasis was placed on the brand’s best selling products which we have illustrated in our studio.